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Navigating the complexities of building your brand, whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned industry professional, can be daunting. 

From seasonal fluctuations to staffing challenges, rising costs, and the constant need to keep up with trends, the journey can feel overwhelming. The fear of potential failure weighs heavily, leading to anxiety and the risk of making costly decisions. 

What you truly need is a supportive and experienced partner who can guide you through challenges with proven strategies, restoring your confidence and reigniting your business's direction in a safe, non-judgmental space.

Empathetic Guidance: Navigating Salon Challenges with Confidence and Clarity

Executive Beauty Business Coaching provides holistic support and guidance to beauty professionals by empowering them to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve their goals for success and growth. 

We will work closely to optimize day to day operations and improve efficiency. Coaching helps salon owners and beauty professionals develop comprehensive business plans that align with their goals and vision for growth. 

By identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, coaches can create tailored strategies to maximize profitability and sustainability.

Executive Beauty Business Coaching


what our clients are saying

"I have had numerous coaching calls in the past and this by far has been the best one's that I've ever had".

- Saraphina

Amber is amazing! I enjoyed every bit of the KTip Class! My hunger is definitely intensified.

- Desirea

Over the span of two months, you'll engage in (4) 50-minute zoom calls where we'll delve deeper into crafting a tailored strategy to achieve a specific goal.

Each session ensures accountability and provides resources aligned with your business, lifestyle, and budget.

Commitment is key, as you'll have a timeline to follow. For just $1057, you'll receive comprehensive support to drive tangible results.

60-Day Coaching Program

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When you schedule your coaching call, you'll receive a comprehensive questionnaire via email. This questionnaire is designed to delve into your current business management strategies and pinpoint your short-term and long-term goals that require assistance.

During your coaching call, which spans 50 minutes on zoom, we'll have an in-depth discussion tailored to your questionnaire responses. This allows me to craft a detailed plan specifically tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your path to success is clear and achievable. 

50-min Single Executive Beauty Business Coaching Call

As a seasoned Cosmetologist, Cosmetology Educator and Certified Life Coach, I'm dedicated to guiding you through this journey of growth and empowerment. Investing in your business is an investment in your future, one that will reignite your passion and propel you beyond your comfort zone.

While a single coaching call can initiate significant changes, true transformation takes time and dedication to implement and refine new strategies. For those seeking a heightened sense of accountability and accelerated results, I invite you to consider our 60-day coaching program. Together, we'll navigate the path to your goals with focused determination and unwavering support.

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My 15+ year background as a Licensed Cosmetologist allows me to relate to what beauty professionals are experiencing behind the chair and in their relationship with clients.

I have experience working in high end spa, managing corporate salons and running a six figure business for almost 5 years. Combining that with being a Licensed Cosmetology Educator and a Certified Life Coach, I feel strongly that I can offer guided assistance and solutions to issues beauty professionals are facing in our current climate.

Yes! The coaching program is will give you as much as you are willing to put into it.

Committing to the 4 set calls, accomplishing set task and being willing to confront your opportunities for improvement will be what ultimately sets you up to be on track to reach your goal(s).

A coaching contract will be signed to ensure accountability and to give a clear understanding of the agreement.

Awareness and accountability are the gateway to freedom when it comes to your business and career.

If you feel like your current circumstances in your business are the result of some poor decisions you have made in the past this program is for you.

If you have an idea about where you want to go in your career, but are struggling to make your ideas possible, this program is for you. If you feel stagnant in your position and need guided 1-on-1 assistance to expand, this program is for you.

Seize the opportunity to revolutionize your beauty business and unlock its full potential. Whether you're ready to enroll in our 60 day comprehensive coaching program, schedule a single personalized coaching call, its time to take the next step towards your professional evolution, we're here to support you every step of the way. Don't wait any longer to elevate your success – join us on this transformative journey today!

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